Empreinte environnementale du produit (PEF)

Mesurer la performance environnementale des produits à l'aide de l'ACV

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The Product Environmental Footprint (PEF) measures the environmental performance of a good or service throughout its life cycle with the goal of reducing environmental impacts from the supply chain activities from extraction of raw materials, through production use and to waste management. Developed by the European Union as part of the Single Market for green Products Initiative, PEF uses uniform methods to compare and communicate the environmental information of products and services within their categories.

Product manufactures across all industries can analyze, compare, and communicate their impacts to satisfy consumer demands for transparency. SCS Global Services works with clients who want to calculate the PEF of their products, identify hotspots, and risk management opportunities and communicate their impacts to stakeholders. Our world class technical and life cycle assessment experts offer premium and seamless processes to accomplish your goals.

Pourquoi choisir SCS ?

We are pioneers and global leaders in the environmental and sustainability claims verification and certification sectors as well as auditing, testing and standard development. We have certified all elements of the value chain from raw material to finished products from a variety of brands around the world. In addition to being Life Cycle Assessment practitioners, our in-house team has also developed advanced LCA methods and is uniquely situated to guide you through the PEF method which covers 16 environmental impacts related to climate change, water and land use, air, and toxicity.

  • Catégories de produits

La liste des catégories de produits pour le pilote PEF comprend :

  • Batteries/accumulateurs
  • Peintures décoratives
  • Tuyaux d'alimentation en eau chaude et froide
  • Détergents ménagers
  • Produits intermédiaires en papier
  • Matériel informatique
  • Cuir
  • Cuir
  • Chaussures
  • Production d'énergie PV
  • Stationnaire (Abandonné)
  • Isolation thermique
  • T-shirts
  • Alimentation électrique ininterrompue
  • Bière
  • Café
  • Produits laitiers
  • Aliments pour animaux producteurs d'aliments
  • Poissons marins (Discontinué)
  • Viande (bœuf, porc et agneau/mouton)
  • Huile d'olive
  • Eau en bouteille
  • Pâtes
  • Aliments pour animaux de compagnie (chats et chiens)
  • Vin

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