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Assure customers that your wood and paper products meet the world’s most stringent environmental, ethical, and economic sourcing standards with Forest Stewardship Council® Chain of Custody (FSC CoC) certification. Whether you are a sawmill, papermill manufacturer, broker, distributor, wholesaler, retailer, or printer, FSC CoC certification gives you access to the growing global market for responsibly sourced wood and paper products.

FSC CoC certification is available to all companies that process or sell forest products, including sawmills, secondary manufacturers, brokers, distributors, wholesalers, retailers, printers, and paper merchants. For any companies taking legal ownership of certified product and wishing to pass forward certified claims, certification is mandatory. This quality management system audit verifies certified inputs and outputs, along with a range of other indicators.

Certification Types

FSC CoC operations range from simple to very complex. There are distinct CoC standards addressing companies with multiple facilities, the outsourcing of production, verification of "Controlled Wood", and recycled content. SCS offers the following certifications:

  • Single site: For companies that operate one facility and want to demonstrate environmental performance across the supply chain
  • Multi-site Certification: For companies that operate several facilities, designate a "Central Office", and manage one certificate
  • Group Certification: Allows small, independent operations to join together to designate a "Group Manager" who oversees conformity of group members on a single certificate
  • Project Certification: For new building or renovation projects, or production of a specific product

Optional add-ons include:

  • Controlled Wood Certification: Verifying compliance of non-certified inputs for production
  • Reclaimed Materials: Verifying uncertified inputs as reclaimed in order to receive full claim-contributing inputs for FSC product groups

Why Choose SCS?

As a founding member and longest-running accredited FSC certification program in the world, SCS has unparalleled experience auditing against FSC requirements in all corners of the world. SCS has certified more than 7,000 companies on 6 continents. Our leadership in FSC CoC and FSC Forest Management certification reflects the professionalism of our industry expert auditors, fast and reliable service, effective stakeholder engagement, and a deep commitment to the mission and principles around which FSC was founded. Continuously accredited by Accreditation Services International since entering the program in the early 1990s, SCS maintains a superior track record of auditing and certification to the FSC COC standard. We have the experience, expertise and local knowledge needed to successfully certify your entire supply chain.

Watch this case study video of Germany’s 1st FSC certified clothing brand, Mey

  • Benefits
  • Process
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  • Align with FSC values and support responsible forestry practices.
  • Excellent cost to benefit particularly for marketing
  • Build brand equity by showcasing your commitment to environmental stewardship and sustainability by adding the trademarked FSC logo to your products.
  • Gain greater access to global markets and retailers that are increasingly requiring certified Chain of Custody traceability for products.
  • Using FSC certified materials in a LEED project can contribute towards credit achievement for both LEED 2009 and LEED v4.


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